Linda Pellegrino

Linda has conducted thousands of live interviews with personalities ranging from the biggest Hollywood stars, to astronauts, world-famous doctors, experts, elected officials, and British royalty as the host of AM/BUFFALO - weekdays at 10am on Channel 7 - for 20 years!

For her outstanding work on Eyewitness News and AM Buffalo, Linda was nominated twice for New York State Emmy Awards. Besides doing voice-overs for many national TV and radio commercial spots, Linda contributes her professional talents to various local shows produced by Buffalo's Catholic Diocese, for which she won a Gabriel award for her narration in a video entitled: The Snowman Knows. Outside of the TV station, Linda leads a very active life in the community. She has served as Honorary Chairperson for the physically and emotionally challenged at Buffalo's Heritage Centers, assisting the Olmsted Parks, and Variety Club Telethon fundraisers.

For her good work in the community over the years, and for serving as a positive role model, Linda was voted Italian-American of the Year in 2000 by the Italian-American Society of Western New York

Hello Everyone! You';; be happy to know that we've arrived here in Austria and so far we are all having a wonderful time! Our overnight flight was very smoothe. We arrived in Munich and traveled thru the Tyrol region to arrive here at our first stop, Kitzbuhl!

The mountains are incredible! It's hard to believe they navigate almost straight down to ski this terrain. We stopped at a village called Rattenburg this afternoon. It was founded in the 1600's and looks like a Rennaissance hamlet. We toured the main streetm did a little window shopping and was their historic church.

Then it was on to Kitzbuhl where we walked the cobblestone streets, learned that this area became a village back in the 700's and had our first strudels with coffee! You even hear the clip-clop of horses going by. Kitzbuhl looks like a charming Christmas village --without the snow! By the way, it's a little cooler here and we had a spot of rain today, but all our Holiday Vacationers are taking it in stride.

We concluded the evening with a wonderful dinner here at the Hotel Schwarze Adler. For most of us, we tried the venison and it was delicious. Now because we didn't get much sleep on the plane, we're all ready to call it a night and get ready for an early day tomorrow. Two castles are on our list to visit and our pictures should turn out great! Everyone says hi! I'll blog again tomorrow..Aufviederzane from beautiful Kitzbuhl Austria! Linda P.
Hello Everyone! Right now I can type much louder than I can speak. As you know I had thyroid surgery recently. I was expecting it to be removed in it's entirety as it was. But I was expecting the pathology to report one node positive with cancer. The pathology came back showing three nodes, two were cancerous. They were all stage one, so that was very good news in itself. However, I also had an underlying thyroiditis which caused some scarring underneath the gland. This made extraction a bit more complicated and affected the nerve next to my right vocal chord. I have learned that vocal chords are VERY sensitive. So right now, one vocal chord is not working very well, and as you know-you need two to speak. Some days I'm raspy, some days, no voice at all. But, I do find that it is getting better--it just takes time. I'm not sure when I'll be back to work just yet. In a few weeks, I have to undergo a radioactive iodine test which I'll have in Rochester. I'll actually be radioactive for about three days but the worst part is that I have to go on special DIET for two weeks before. Can you imagine, a DIET after all this??? Oh well, maybe it will make my hair grow back faster! As you can see, I'm trying to put a positive spin on all this..but I miss work and being on the air everyday.
Try and stay cool...I'll try to BE QUIET so I can get back to work faster. Thanks so much to Jon and John for filling in and doing a great (..I mean write) to you soon..Linda P.
Alvederzene Austria and Germany!

Sorry my blogs from abroad have been so few and far between. I actually was writing daily, but like the "Bermuda Triangle" my blogs mysteriously disappeared somewhere over the Atlantic! But let me try and encapsulate the trip for you. We had the BEST viewers from WNY take this adventure! We left from Atlanta and first arrived in Kitzbuhel. An Olumpic destination, this picturesque town is nestled in the
Alps. the perfect combination of the old and new. Age old farms circle the town while in Kitzbuhel itself, you'll find ultra modern conveniences--and a 33 foot breakfast buffett, as our travelers enjoyed daily! Our hotel was great and left from there daily for Tractberg Castle and a trip back in time to Innsbruck...another Olympic town! In the shadow of the oldest church dating back to the 15 hundreds, you can see the ski-jump off in the distance! The ski jumpers also get a good view of the cemetery as they launch themselves off it !!

The weather started off a bit cloudy, and we did see some rain, but mostly while we were on the coach to our next destination. We learned a lot of European history from our guides Mike and Peter. Peter was actually from Kitzbuhel and his brother was a silver medalist in skiing for one of those Olympics!

Innsbruck was incredible! The "old city" is so old..the new city is a mere 600 years old! You can still see where the "royals" enjoyed looking down upon the city square from their veranda which still sports a "gold roof" !

Who knew one of our favorite stops would be a working salt mine in the town of Berchesgarten! That's where you can still see Hitler's "eagles' nest" high up the tallest mountain. Salt was an important trading item back in the day and everyone wanted it. (Hence the name Saltzburg!) Anyway, we changed into one-piece suits for our trip down into the mine. We boarded these trams single-file and went down, down, down! When we got off the tram, we actually had to sit toboggan-like on these wooden slides to descend to the next level! If you don't believe me, we have pictures!! It was absolutely incredible! There was even a boat-ride down there! Like a strange disney ride--with the same souvenir stop at the end! Don't miss the salt mine trip- if you ever get the chance.

Then it was on to Saltzberg! Lots of references to the"Sound of Music"..what was real, what wasn't..but a magical city, the birthplace of Mozart! We actually got to see his boyhood apartment! And the pretzels or "bretzens" as they are called there are about a foot across! You can get them doughnut like or spiced..they were all "voondabal". And the beer changed with every serving. Everyone makes beer here, it's the national drink! I think Salzburg was my favorite and we wrapped up the experience with a night at a Tyrolian restaurant. Great entertainment and even one of our travelers was brought up on stage to dance!

Of course the famous "Passion Play" was part of our experience in Obergammerau. It was a moving-if long- experience. Performed by the locals there, it meant something different to everyone.

The days were going by with visits to the countryside, a farm, and a cruise along a beautiful mountain lake. ]We ended our trip where we began, in Munich. Such a historical city--at one time 80% destroyed in WWII. We spent an afternoon around the "Marionplatz" homeof the famous Glockinspiel clock! Thousands wait daily for it to go off at noon and five pm. After that another highlight of the trip was to see the fabulous Neuschwannstein Castle built by mad King Ludwig! This is the castle Walt Disney based his on! It's absolutely fairy tale and our farewell dinner was in it's shadow at a local monestary turned restaurant. Holiday did a great job and all our travelers seemed very happy with their experience! We also learned laughed alot! Ask anyone about the "little sheds" we saw, and Peter's jokes of the day..then write them down!

..Now from what I hear, it's on to Paris in April! Book early. We had two gals from Iowa on this trip who went last year and they were still talking about how fantastic it was!

Thanks to all who went along for the ride..even a 6 hour layover in Atlanta was fun with this group..and I hope to see and hear from you all soon! Linda P.
Hello all! I hope everyone had a great 4th! The weather was spectacular throughout and Friday night, I had the thrill of a lifetime tossing out the first pitch at the Bison's game !! I got it over the plate, no booing!

Anyway, I thought I'd get you caught up on the health front.

I announced on the show today that tomorrow morning, I have surgery to remove my thyroid. I learned months ago-at the same time the breast cancers were found, that I also had a touch of thyroid cancer as well. It is called a papilloma and it is highly treatable. In fact, it could wait the 6 months to remove, after the double mastectomy and the chemo. But now it's time for it to go. I should only be in the hospital overnight or two days max, then I'll return to work on July 18th. Now the real I wear my wig to surgery or shock the heck out of the O.R. staff? I guess I'll just wait and see how I feel.
Be kind to Jon Summers and John Disciullo..they will be carrying on for me until I return..both doing at least one or two other full-time jobs! Have a great July..and thank you all for the good wishes and prayers. It really helps!! xx me
Hi everyone! Well, life has returned to the relative quiet now that Brett is back in school. No lights left on at night, no glow from the computer left on in the wee leftovers for Bernie with Brett's midnight kitchen runs. I won't miss the extra laundry, though. Last night we just ordered pizza and enjoyed it in front of the tv. This is only his first week but I've already sent him a care package! Now I have to download our pictures from Europe and get a scrapbook going, no to mention choosing a special photo to use as our Christmas picture. By the way, if anyone is interested in the trip to Paris April 7-13, just let me know. I already have full-color brochures from Holiday Vacations I can send you, and that trip will fill up fast!
Have you heard about the new line-up on Dancing witht the Stars ? We had it on the show this morning. Florence Henderson is the early favorite along with Jennifer Grey..the season starts on ABC Sept. 20--my birthday! Go Virgos!..Talk with you soon..Linda P.
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