Linda Pellegrino

Linda has conducted thousands of live interviews with personalities ranging from the biggest Hollywood stars, to astronauts, world-famous doctors, experts, elected officials, and British royalty as the host of AM/BUFFALO - weekdays at 10am on Channel 7 - for 20 years!

For her outstanding work on Eyewitness News and AM Buffalo, Linda was nominated twice for New York State Emmy Awards. Besides doing voice-overs for many national TV and radio commercial spots, Linda contributes her professional talents to various local shows produced by Buffalo's Catholic Diocese, for which she won a Gabriel award for her narration in a video entitled: The Snowman Knows. Outside of the TV station, Linda leads a very active life in the community. She has served as Honorary Chairperson for the physically and emotionally challenged at Buffalo's Heritage Centers, assisting the Olmsted Parks, and Variety Club Telethon fundraisers.

For her good work in the community over the years, and for serving as a positive role model, Linda was voted Italian-American of the Year in 2000 by the Italian-American Society of Western New York

Wow, wow and WOW! I cannot believe how life has changed in one short year. Last April as we touched down from Paris with 50 viewers, I was whisked away to have my "port" implanted in my upper chest and then it was on to my first chemotherapy session. Needless to say, I wasn't feeling too well. That routine for me lasted for 3 months. When I was strong enough for my next surgery, I had my thyroid removed and suffered the WORST side effect for any broadcaster- Loss of my voice for 3 months! Now, one short year later, my name is called to win the Trailblazer Award at the fist annuall Buffalo Excellence in Media Awards ceremony! It was such an awesome moment! Surrounded by my co-workers and co-nominees, the room filled with all the broadcasters in town. It meant sooo much to me! In my delight I forgot to mention my co-nominees, Jackie Albarella and Lauren Fixx, both deserving talented women. You can be sure that award is resting front and center on my mantle at home. It may be making persal appearances though! I cannot thank everyone for "getting me there" at the awards ceremony. All the prayers and efforts everyone went through so I could stay home and get better. Now I'm back to work, we have a wonderful talented new producer and the show has a new energy. Thank you all!!! xxme
Hello everyone!

Welcome to my first-ever blog! (When did the 21st century start??) Anyway I hope everyone is having a great summer. It's been WARM..but at least we'll have had a summer to remember.

My dog Bernie is going for ANOTHER summer hair cut! He is the best! A cocker spaniel, he's learned how to use his "doggie" door this summer and is happy as a clam coming in and out at his leisure!

I love having our son Brett home for the summer..he's busy being a camp counselor and comes home exhausted every night. We'll get a chance to enjoy a family vacation together next month when we host the Germany/Austria tour with Holiday Vacations.

Having a great summer on AM BUFFALO..I hope you weekend early birds are enjoying our newest show, "LOCAL PROUD" Saturday's at 7:30am.

Been to lots of events this summer, Cystic Fibrosis, Taste of Buffalo, Olmsted Gala, Run for Rover thing you know, it will be time for the fair!..Talk to you soon..Linda P.
Well, despite the apocalypse fans and the Mayan calandar..we made it to the new year! What's amazing to me is that December 23rd was what they call my "cancerversary". The first day and time I heard "cancer" and "me" in the same sentence. What a year 2011 turned out to be ! But that was then and this is now. My docs say it's all behind me now and to make sure, I'll get a full body screening every 3 months. My next one is scheduled for February. The biggest changes for me happened inside "between my ears"..but outside I'm a bit thinner as is my hair--and it's stayed a bit curlier too. I still plan on ending every show with a reminder for us all to think about our health in the new year and stay current with medical tests like mammograms and stress tests. We'll also be addressing thyroid cancer in the new year, since I've learned how high the levels are here in Western New York. Be watching for that. In the meantime..I've loving this mild winter! Happy New Year everyone and keep in touch.
Hi everyone!
A special thanks to everyone I met at "R Salon" on Saturday with Jon all looked MAH-VEL-OUS! We'll have to do that again.
.. I sure hope everyone caught today's show. We had a singer on, Steve Balesteri who should be on the national stage! He sang an Andrei Bocelli song that brought tears to my eyes! Buffalo Philharmonic take note! Steve will be singing at 2pm at the Italian Festival in Niagara Falls on Saturday..don't miss his performance!
..Tomorrow's jackpot call closing in on $400 in prizes..don't miss out...and by the way, I just got on Twitter! So please add me as a friend...Also, it's pet talk tuesday the most adoptable pet of the week! Talk to you
Happy Holidays everyone! Can't believe it's this weekend! Our son Brett came home from college yesterday and although he's all grown now, it's still cool to see his eyes light up when he first saw the Christmas tree! Can't wait to catch up with him about this past semester at Pitt.
It sure has been an eventful year. It was this month a year ago that I was diagnosed with first breast cancer then thyroid cancer. WIth all that's happened, my hair is growing back and I'm all done with treatments. Now I will go for scans every 3-4 months to make sure there's nothing new. That's it! Isn't modern medicine miraculous? I was also blessed this year with many wonderful doctors, nurses and medical staff who I've come to know by first name. But perhaps my biggest blessing was all the prayers I received from all of you. I truly felt them and feel that all the good energy you sent my way is why I feel terrific today. So let's pay it forward and keep those good thoughts coming for others into the new year.
I promise I'll keep you posted..and as I say on the show..girls, give the gift of good health to yourself with a timely mammogram appointment. Have a wonderful New Year! Linda P.
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