Everybody In The Pool!

June 9, 2011 Updated Jun 9, 2011 at 8:21 PM EDT

By WKBW News

June 9, 2011 Updated Jun 9, 2011 at 8:21 PM EDT

Everybody in the pool! Well, everybody who can fit! Yes, our household is on our second Intex blow up pool. I'm sure you've seen them. Those blue round pools that come with their own filter.

I bought one last summer on a whim. Actually, I bought it because it was on sale. $79.99 for a pool 12-feet long and 36 inches deep. Perfect for the six year old in the house. It turned out to be the best investment. Last summer was hot and humid, and she was in it constantly!

In fact, we got so much use out of it, we wore it out! Oh, we tried to revive it this Memorial Day weekend. I thought it would be an even greater deal if I could get two summers out of a $79.99 pool. No such luck.

The filter, that started acting up at the end of last summer, was officially dead. Not even sputtering anymore. And the pool was looking lopsided. The clincher was the round inflatable ring around the pool. It was losing air. Despite plugging holes with our repair kit, they just kept coming. Our first Intex pool was done.

So, last Sunday when I ran out to Target to get a white T-shirt for my daughter's project, I thought I'd just look at the Intex pools for sale. I stumbled on what I thought was the exact pool we had. The price: $79.99. I bought it.

Well, it turned out this year's model was a little different. It is 12-feet wide, but only 30 inches deep. I hadn't noticed that in the store. I should have realized that when the price was the same, and it wasn't marked on sale.

I was afraid my now 7-year old would be disappointed, but she had the typical response for a young child excited to have another pool: she didn't really notice. Lucky me.

Oh, I know I could have sprung for the bigger Intex pools. Some run as high as $500. I just can't justify that kind of cash for a few months of swimming and the chance that the expensive one will spring a leak.

Let's just hope this summer is as warm as the last one, and we can wear this pool out, too! Happy Swimming!!!