Best New Year Advice Ever: Nothin' Stupid

January 6, 2012 Updated Jan 6, 2012 at 10:10 PM EDT

By WKBW News

January 6, 2012 Updated Jan 6, 2012 at 10:10 PM EDT

You would think the editor-in-chief of a health and wellness magazine would have the typical new year's advice. You know, eat right, exercise more and see your doctor. Not the case for Dave Zinczenko of Men's Health.

Yes, while snooping in my husband's magazine that arrived today, I was surprised to read something that made even more sense.

Zinczenko's advice for 2012: Nothin' Stupid.

The phrase comes from his college wrestling coach whom he said always made the comment when he needed Zinczenko not to necessarily win a match, just not lose one by getting pinned.

Great advice.

Zinczenko mentioned some of the people who made news in 2011 doing stupid things. Politicians who tweeted inappropriate pictures or as we experienced in Western New York, a congressman who snapped shirtless photos of himself. (Remember Chris Lee?) He also brought up Arnold Schwarzenegger and the child he fathered with his housekeeper.

All reasons he says that our most important resolution this year should be not to do anything stupid.

While I am pretty sure I won't do anything as stupid as the people Zinczenko mentioned, I think it's some advice that can apply to all of us.

Yes, eating better and exercising more are good, but perhaps the best favor you can do for yourself in 2012: "nothin' stupid!"