20 Years Flew By!

December 10, 2013 Updated Jan 29, 2014 at 1:24 PM EDT

By WKBW News

December 10, 2013 Updated Jan 29, 2014 at 1:24 PM EDT

Other than my wedding anniversary, I don't usually pay attention to any other anniversaries in my life. This year, though, one is standing out in my mind. This week is my 20th anniversary here at Channel 7. Boy, did that go quickly!

I remember December 13, 1993 well. I was hired as the 11pm producer at Channel 7. My job was to write all the stories in the late show for the anchor team of Keith Radford and Kathleen Leighton. After working as an anchor/reporter in Elmira for six years, I would be giving up my on air work. I was willing to do it for a chance to work at WKBW-TV and live closer to my hometown of Lockport.

Turns out it wasn't the best month to start a job in Buffalo. I remember it being very cold and snowy. My then-four-year-old daughter and I were living with my parents in Lockport while my husband finished up work in Elmira. I was taking my dad's rear-wheel drive car to work everyday. A 45 minute ride, sliding the whole way!

A nerve-wracking start, but it wouldn't be long before I started doing some on-camera work. Over the past 20 years at 7, I have been a producer, producer/reporter, reporter, reporter/fill-in anchor, reporter/weekend anchor, reporter/weekday anchor, reporter/morning anchor, and for the past seven years, anchor/reporter for the 5,6, and 11pm. The jobs changed as much as my hairstyles, clothes and weight!!! When I started writing for Keith, I never imagined I would eventually sit next to him!

It's been a wild ride since I started in TV News at 21-years old. I can't believe I am still doing this 26 years later and 20 years in the same spot! There have been plenty of ups and downs, but never a dull moment. I feel very privileged to have been in your homes all these years telling you about the news. I have never once taken that tremendous responsibility for granted. I give it my all everyday.

What I am most grateful for 20 years later here in Buffalo is that I was able to come back to my family. My Dad was diagnosed with cancer when I was hired, and we lost him six years later. It helps you realize just how precious every year is, making this milestone even more meaningful.