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Snow….Snow…. SNOW!!! OK, so while it isn’t necessarily “snow-pocalypse,” there sure is a lot of white stuff on the ground. The downtown area looks great, and thankfully our plow crews are good at their job.

For me snow (or at least the first fall- ask me again in January) is a sign of a new beginning- a new season, the end of a year and the start of something new in our area.

Snow itself is still something of an anomaly to me though. I’ve spent most of my life in Arizona (I’ve still never skied or snowboarded yet), so the concept of an annual snow is still something new.

Over the years in my career I have had my fair share of snow. First in Missouri, where it didn’t fall that often- but when it did, it came with a vengeance. Then in Washington state, more snow, colder temperatures but it still didn’t stick around as much. Most of it would melt, but some would stick around and turn into that gross black stuff on the side of the road. Now its time to see Buffalo’s snow first hand. I got my first real taste today, and I’m sure more is in store.

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Good Morning! I can’t believe it’s November already. They always say once Halloween hits; both the holiday season and the year come and go quickly. And boy, are they right! This year is a little different, and unbelievably extraordinary- once the holiday season comes and goes, and 2014 arrives, the most incredible moment of my life is here- fatherhood.

I’m so excited to join the club all you moms and dads get to be a part of. Last weekend; my wife and I took a class about what to expect on our due date of Feb. 1st- and man were my eyes opened. There is so much to know, and my role in all of this doesn’t even come close to what the “wifey’s” going to go through. Our son (can’t believe I get to say that, AMAZING), is such a blessing and both of us are so excited and ready to meet him.

I’d love any words of advice, tips and encouragement you parents out there may have. Please email them to me (, facebook ( or tweet me (@coleheath). I may even share these on the air, so please make sure its something “mama” would approve of.

I’ll see you on “Good Morning” from 5-7am on Channel 7; and I’ll keep you updated about “our little man’s” progress as Feb. 1st comes closer.


Today is a big day… sort of. Today I’m writing my first blog EVER- so thank you for checking it out.

It’s been several months now since “Good Morning” debuted, and it’s been a journey from “day 1,” to where we are now. Like any new exciting endeavor, there were a few growing pains; now “Good Morning” is in-stride. It’s been so much fun watching our show evolve- and I’ve been fortunate to see it happen from the anchor desk.

I hope our show is helping you get your day started off right. As our new commercial says- “It’s not about us, its about you,” and we mean that. “Good Morning,” Eyewitness News and the Channel 7 family are working hard daily to make sure you start your day “in the know,” keep you updated through out the day and make sure you go to sleep at night with the latest news, sports and weather.

I’ll see you on “Good Morning” from 5-7AM on Channel 7.

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