Cole's Blog- Opening Day

April 2, 2014 Updated Apr 2, 2014 at 12:27 PM EDT

By Mitch Simon

April 2, 2014 Updated Apr 2, 2014 at 12:27 PM EDT

April 2, 2014

So they say baseball is America’s pastime, a game of balls, strikes, outs, hits, runs, wins and loses. It’s also been said baseball is a game for fathers and sons. I know it may sound like an old adage or cliché, but I get it now.

You see, this is my first MLB season as a dad. I’ve been waiting for this season for a long time, and it is finally here. I know my “little dude” won’t remember it, but I will. We woke up bright and early a few weeks ago to watch the Diamondbacks and Dodgers open the season in Australia. While starting the season outside an MLB city is a topic for a different day, the memories it brought are priceless.

I have so many memories associated with pro-baseball, especially my team, the D-backs from my home state of Arizona. Growing up in the seats of Chase Field provided some great memories.

Now I get to create some new ones of my own with my kiddo. He’s only two months old, but he seemed to really like what he saw. Sitting there with him I can only imagine the future trips to ballparks across the majors- New York, Toronto, Cleveland and Pittsburgh are just a few ballparks in ear-shot from Coca-Cola Field- and I’m sure we’ll check them all off the list as the years fly-by.

Any suggestions or Opening Day Stories you’d like to share?

Happy (but belated) Opening Day, folks!