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The Personal Injury Law Firm of Gelber & O'Connell, LLC serves clients in communities throughout Buffalo and Western New York who have suffered serious personal injuries or lost a loved one in an accident due to the negligence or wrongful conduct of others. The law firm has developed a reputation for maintaining high ethical standards while aggressively representing its clients.


    How many homes should I look at before choosing?

    There is not set limit. You should visit as many as it takes until you find the right real estate for you. Some buyers are able to do this by visiting 4 or 5 homes and others it may take as many as 15 before you find the one you are looking for. Communication between your agent and you will help keep the number down.


    How do I select my real estate agent?

    You can start by asking your friends and family if they have any realtor recommendations. You will want your real estate agent to listen to and understand your needs. Your real estate agent should know the market and have resources and contacts that will help you in purchasing your home. Overall, you will want to choose an agent that you feel comfortable with and can provide all the knowledge and services that you need. Should you decide to use a Stovroff & Taylor Realtors we would consider it an honor to represent you. Please see our Buyer Service Plan for more details

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    Is your cheese Processed?

    Short answer? Yes. However you have to understand that our processed cheeses are made from 100% natural aged cheddar, made with no powders or fillers. Other companies you think of when you hear “processed cheese” add enough powders and fillers to increase the final product output by more than 50%


    What should you do after an auto accident?

    Stop. Call 911 for police and medical assistance. Protect the accident scene and make an effort to prevent further accidents. If possible, have someone warn approaching traffic until the police arrive. Exchange information with all drivers involved and get the names of all witnesses. Do not forget to get insurance information. File an accident report within ten days. Immediately report the accident to your insurance company and make sure you obtain a no-fault claim form since one must be filed with your own insurance company within 30 days. If you or a loved one has been injured, you should contact us to assist you with the timely filing of a claim and/or lawsuit and to protect your rights.

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    Are your cheeses Gluten Free?

    All of our cheeses are in fact Gluten Free. The horseradish is shipped in vinegar which could create trace amounts of gluten, however to this day there have been no reports of those with Celiac Disease running into trouble with our horseradish products.