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    How do I make an offer?

    Your real estate agent will assist you in making an offer, which will include the following information:

    Complete legal description of the property
    Amount of earnest money
    Down payment
    Financing details
    Price you are offering
    Proposed move-in date
    Proposed closing date
    Details of the deal
    Once your real estate agent has successfully negotiated a satisfactory contract on your behalf all parties will need to sign the contract before sending to the attorney for approval.


    Do you focus on residential or commercial work?

    We specialize in residential home improvement. No job is too big or too small for Ivy Lea Construction. We do light commercial build outs also. But 95% of our business is home remodeling.


    What should you do after an auto accident?

    Stop. Call 911 for police and medical assistance. Protect the accident scene and make an effort to prevent further accidents. If possible, have someone warn approaching traffic until the police arrive. Exchange information with all drivers involved and get the names of all witnesses. Do not forget to get insurance information. File an accident report within ten days. Immediately report the accident to your insurance company and make sure you obtain a no-fault claim form since one must be filed with your own insurance company within 30 days. If you or a loved one has been injured, you should contact us to assist you with the timely filing of a claim and/or lawsuit and to protect your rights.

  • From Countryside Stove & Chimney

    We want to complement our fireplace. What type of accessories do you have?

    We carry a wide array of accessories. We carry everything from candles, to tool sets, from glass cleaner, to brass polish. Come on into our showroom to take a look at our great selection of wood clocks. They come in all kinds of shapes, sizes, and styles. Our clocks make great gifts and look beautiful above a Fireplace Xtrordinair! Our collection of deliciously scented candles changes and expands all of the time. We carry different sizes and scents for all seasons, even all of the holidays! Whether you like a nice fruity scent, something with a little spice, or even something clean and fresh, we have them all! We offer excellent quality tool sets, and wood racks from well known brands such as; Pilgrim, Enclume, and Minuteman. They come in many different sizes, finishes and styles. Countryside has several brands of cleaning products such as; Spray Nine, Kel-Kem, Stove Bright, and Flitz. Don’t forget that we also have gift certificates in any denomination! Plus there’s so much more. Come on down to the showroom to see what we have for you!


    How do I choose the right personal injury attorney?

    Choosing an attorney is a very personal experience. You must do research prior to hiring any attorney by asking family and friends who they would recommend. Then do your own research on the internet. Do not simply call an attorney who advertises heavily on television and/or radio. Once you choose a firm, meet with the actual attorney at the firm who will be representing you. Don’t settle for meeting with a paralegal, as only an attorney can give you legal advice. Make sure you have chemistry with the attorney and verify that the attorney with whom you are meeting will, in fact, handle your case. Confirm that the attorney has the precise experience necessary to handle your type of case and the contacts and financial resources to locate and hire the relevant experts and consultants. Ask about the fee arrangement and whether or not you must reimburse the attorney if the case is not successful. We take the time to get to really know our clients and give them the personal attention they deserve, so call us if you have been injured and need legal guidance.