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Dietary Supplements

WN Pharmaceuticals

WN Pharmaceuticals,
2000 Brigantine Drive,
Coquitlam, BC, Canada V3K 7B5

Dietary supplements for health and wellness

Webber Naturals is one of North America’s leading manufacturers of quality nutritional supplements, including vitamins, minerals, specialty products and herbals. We take our responsibility to consumers seriously. People rely on us for health-supporting products and we deliver. Before a product is produced all ingredients are sourced from reliable, trusted suppliers. In spite of our confidence in the origins of our raw materials, we still test every batch for purity, potency and to ensure they meet all our requirements. When it comes to quality, we apply pharmaceutical standards to all steps of our development, formulation and manufacturing processes. This means pre and post testing of ingredients, raw materials and finished products. It means certificates of analysis and documentation of every step — from the training of our staff, to the perfect care and maintenance of our equipment and facilities, to the accuracy of our formulations and packaging— we meet or exceed both industry and government standards. Facebook Twitter

Frequently Asked Questions

Who makes webber naturals vitamins?
You know us as webber naturals from the wide range of dietary supplements natural health products that wear our label in neighbourhood pharmacies, grocery stores and other retailers across the US and Canada.

If you came to visit us you'd discover that we are, in fact, part of a bigger family of natural health products made in Canada at one of North America's largest state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities for health supplements.

A vast range of nutritional products are created by WN Pharmaceuticals Ltd., including our other brands in addition to webber naturals. For example, we are the only company allowed to produce Sunkist® vitamin supplements in Canada. We also bring you the WN product lines called MetaSlim®, Cold-A-Tak®, EchinaMax®, MultiSure® multivitamins and PGX®.

WN Pharmaceuticals® Ltd. is a natural extension of the more than 50 years of service to North American consumers provided by the original webber, makers of topical vitamin E products. We do not sell our products directly to consumers, but you can find webber naturals health products wherever quality supplements are sold, including many online retailers.
Where are the ingredients from?
Ingredients are sourced from all over the world. Please understand that the purity and safety of ingredients are not ensured by where an ingredient comes from – they are ensured by WN Pharmaceuticals holding all of our suppliers and ingredients to testing standards that exceed North American standards including FDA (cGMP) and NHPD so that our customers and their families receive products that are safe and effective
What is the source of the gelatin capsules?
Our gelatin capsules are made from bovine (beef) sources only. Where vegetable-based capsules are used, the terms ‘vegetarian capsule’ and/or ‘carbohydrate gum’ will appear on the label. Please note that we no longer use pork-derived gelatin for capsules.
Which Omega-3 product should I use?
We manufacture a broad range of Omega-3 supplements to suit a variety of needs. The range of products varies based on Omega-3 (EPA/DHA) content and the form of delivery (small, medium, or large softgels & liquids). The product you choose will largely depend on the amount of therapeutic benefit you require. EPA and DHA are Omega-3 fatty acids that are considered to provide the most therapeutic benefit.

Someone who wants to add an Omega-3 product as a dietary supplement to maintain good health and is otherwise healthy might chose a Salmon Oil or Omega-3 Salmon & Fish Oils product whereas an individual instructed by their physician to take omega-3 might choose the Omega-3 Super Concentrate for its higher amount of EPA & DHA. Liquids and small ‘kids’ softgels would be appropriate for those people with swallowing difficulties or who otherwise prefer these forms.
Is your fish oil “third-party tested”?
Our Quality Control department acts as a third party according to FDA cGMP and USP regulations. Raw materials are tested by the manufacturer and again by us when we receive the ingredients. Finished products are also tested. For some ingredients, outside laboratories are used. The FDA also confirms safety and potency by conducting testing on our products.

In North America we have long had very strict regulations and high standards set for the purity of natural health products. Any ingredient we use as a raw material is tested for purity, identification, heavy metals, PCB’s, pesticides and other contaminants in accordance with USA’s – FDA cGMP and USP requirements. Our laboratories also test finished products for weight, disintegration time, uniformity, and all potencies are verified. In-house testing facilities ensure that accurate test results can be obtained quickly and efficiently.
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