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Buffalo Dental Group, LLP

What Can We Do For You?

  • From Buffalo Dental Group, LLP

    What different payment options do you offer?

    We accept cash, checks, all major credit cards, and work with most dental insurances. Our helpful business staff will guide you in selecting the best payment option to meet your needs. Third party financing is available through CareCredit and Citihealth plans.

  • From The GreenFields

    What if I have a house to sell?

    Many residents do have houses to sell. Since there is no upfront fee at The GreenFields, it is not uncommon for people to reserve an apartment without having to sell their house first. The GreenFields offers a move-in coordination program to make the move as easy as possible

  • From Buffalo Dental Group, LLP

    How can I safely whiten my teeth?

    Thanks to modern dentistry, there are a number of procedures to whiten your smile, from at-home products to in-office whitening treatments. Based on the current color of your teeth and the causes of discoloration, Buffalo Dental Group can recommend the most appropriate option for you.

  • From Atwal Eye Care – Buffalo Eye Care Associates

    Does insurance cover Refractive surgery?

    Refractive surgery is considered an elective procedure. Most insurance companies do not cover the procedure, however, many insurance companies have provider reduction in fees. You will need to contact your insurance company to verify coverage.

    How do I find out more about Refractive surgery? Call our Refractive Coordinator at (716) 892-2020 to schedule a screening to find out if refractive surgery is right for you.

  • From Buffalo Dental Group, LLP

    What do I do if I have an emergency when the office is closed?

    Buffalo Dental Group is committed to our patients during and after office hours. If you have an after-hours emergency, please contact our office for pager numbers for the doctors and we will return your call as soon as possible, give you helpful information over the phone, and determine if you need to be seen immediately.