Is UB 2020 Dead?

September 27, 2013 Updated Jun 29, 2010 at 6:44 PM EDT

By WKBW Admin

September 27, 2013 Updated Jun 29, 2010 at 6:44 PM EDT

Buffalo, N.Y. (WKBW- TV ) - Local Union members lashing out at State Lawmakers who represent WNY claiming they did not do enough to save UB 2020.
Sam Capitano and Paul Brown, who represent the Buffalo Building and Trade Council and were in Albany Monday, are upset with Sen. William Stachowski (D), Lake View.
They say he broke a promise to withhold his vote on budget bills if they did not include S.U.N.Y. Reforms.
Those reforms will give colleges more control over tuition-- which will help make UB 2020 a reality.
"At 10 A.M. Monday he said he wasn't voting for the bills unless the UB 2020 plan was involved." Said Brown.
But later in the afternoon, Stachowski changed his tune.
"Later on in the afternoon-- we were right there-- they came out and said they were going to do these bills without UB 2020." Brown said.
Stachowski says he had no choice. If he did not vote for the bills state government would have been shutdown and he would have been responsible.
But he and others in the local delegation insist the UB 2020 plan is not dead.
State Senator Antoine Thompson (D) Buffalo, says lawmakers are working to pass legislation this week which would allow U.B. to move forward with it's expansion plans.
An entire S.U.N.Y. tuition overhaul is unlikely but U.B. And S.U.N.Y. Stony Brook would be able to move forward in a pilot program, if passed.
The details on how that will be done have yet to be revealed.
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