DNA Results Raise More Questions in Mysterious Death

September 27, 2013 Updated Jun 21, 2010 at 8:57 PM EDT

By Ginger Geoffery

September 27, 2013 Updated Jun 21, 2010 at 8:57 PM EDT

BUFFALO, NY ( WKBW ) The mystery of a young woman who turned up dead in a garbage tote in Buffalo is growing even deeper following the leak of test results on DNA found on the woman's body.

The DNA results are something Amanda Wienckowski's family has been fighting to access but instead of getting the results themselves her relatives read about the results in the newspaper, and the family's attorney says the DNA tests raise even more questions about this case. "The secret DNA evidence revealed that persons of interest were with Amanda when she was killed -- persons of interest who the police claimed were not with Amanda for at least a month before her death," says Steve Cohen, the attorney for Wienckowski's family.

Wienckowski's body was found stuffed in a garbage tote behind a church in Buffalo in January 2009. Her family is trying to disprove the county's medical examiner's ruling that the 20-year-old from Lewiston died of an accidental drug overdose.
"I can't find a single person except for the Erie County Medical Examiner's office really that thinks this was an accidental death. Not a single person," says Cohen.

Former Buffalo Police Detective Dennis Delano is working with Wienckowski's family and he says the way officials have handled this case is highly unusual. One of the unusual aspects he points to is the fact that the medical examiner's office kept certain body parts from Wienckowski after the autopsy. "My big question was if the Erie County Medical Examiner's office was so adamant that this was an accidental overdose then why did they keep these organs? I mean that's bizarre," says Delano.

Wienckowski's mother meanwhile admits her daughter used drugs, but she wants to dispel some other rumors. "I do want to set straight to everybody. My daughter was not a prostitute. How could anybody say that about her? It makes me sick," says Leslie Brill.

Buffalo Police declined to comment other than to say the case is still open and it's being actively investigated by homicide detectives.