Suspected Craigslist Crook Arrested

September 27, 2013 Updated Apr 22, 2010 at 7:48 PM EDT

By Kyla Igoe

September 27, 2013 Updated Apr 22, 2010 at 7:48 PM EDT

(WKBW) Lockport- Craigslist boasts local classifieds on the World Wide Web, but one man got more than they bargained for in Lockport yesterday.

Todd Cavanaugh, from Lima New York, answered an add on Craigslist for a computer and arranged to meet 21-year-old Joshua Bennett in Lockport at a Walmart parking lot. Once Bennett arrived, he proceeded into Cavanaugh's car. Police say Bennett asked for the money, but when the buyer asked to see the computer, he pulled out a gun.

"He pulled out a black and silver gun out of his bag and pointed it right at me," said Todd Cavanaugh. "He threatened to shoot me if I didn't give him the money."

Cavanaugh was able to grab the gun, and the two began to wrestle. At that point, two good samaritans were able to assist Cavanaugh until Police arrived.

"When I saw the gun, that's when everyone had to lay on the ground," said Lockport Native John Taylor. "Another gentlemen and myself looked at each other and we made sure no one was moving."

This is actually the second bizarre Craigslist incident in just a few days. Niagara County Sheriff's say on Monday a man from Erie County solicited sex through Craigslist and arranged to meet a woman at a Lockport apartment complex. Instead, he was approached by a man wearing a mask. The man was able to escape unharmed. Police are now investigating if the two incidents are related. 21-year-old Joshua Bennett remains behind bars on $7,500 bail and is charged with Robbery in the 2nd Degree and Grand Larceny in the 4th Degree.