Celebrity Family Ready For The Telethon

March 23, 2012 Updated Mar 24, 2012 at 1:14 PM EDT

By WKBW Programming

March 23, 2012 Updated Mar 24, 2012 at 1:14 PM EDT

BUFFALO, N.Y. ( WKBW ) Linda Pellegrino welcomes Variety Kids Telethon chair Margie Arnold and celebrity children Casey and Coral Swan to "AM/Buffalo."

MARGIE ARNOLD is the General Chairperson of Variety Kids Telethon 2012. Margie’s involvement with Variety Club started in 1978. Eager to bring the work of Variety to her community, she worked with her sister, Debbie to start the Holland Satellite. The Satellite itself only existed for a couple of years but by that time Margie was hooked. After her work with Holland ended she volunteered to stay on and help
Norbie Jaskowiak work with the Satellite Division. She joined the Variety Club Women in 1982 and became a member of the Tent in 1986. In 1989 Margie was appointed Chairman of the Satellite Division and in 1992 was asked to serve as a Telethon Co
Chairman. This was the stepping stone to becoming General Chairman of Telethon 1994.

Serving as Honorary Chairman for the telethon is THE WESTERN NEW YORK COMMUNITY. Every single person that has made a contribution has helped to create endless possibilities and opportunities for our children. Over the past 49 years the needs
have continued to grow in the Western New York community. Unfortunately, our city with a population of just over 300,000 has been designated as the third poorest city in the entire United States of America. Yet, because of the love that our area has for Variety
and what the men and women of Tent 7 do for the Women & Children’s Hospital of Buffalo, the Robert Warner M.D. Center For Children With Special needs and other childrens charities, when it comes to the kids, this area stands up and does everything that
it can to help OUR kids.

The 2012 Variety Kids Telethon stars include some of the best in the business! The brightest stars are the 2012 “Celebrity Children”, 5 year old twins CASEY AND CORAL SWAN of Cheektowaga, New York.

Casey Rose and Coral Lynn Swan are very charming little girls. Just a few minutes with these twin darlings and it's hard not to smile. It can be very hard to believe that these girls have been through more medical issues in their fives short years of life than many people will ever see in a lifetime.

Casey and Coral's parents have said on occasion, "They have every right to complain and be nasty considering everything they've been through and yet they smile and light up whatever room they are in and whatever heart is present." Robyn and Ken Swan go on to
say, "It's really a special blessing to have the girls chosen as the 50th Variety Club Celebrity Children"