NY Pistol Safety Course

Pistol Safety

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WKBW) - Are you ready for your pistol permit? Complete your New York pistol permit course online today!!

This course is required by certain counties in New York, when filing for your Pistol Permit/CCW. It has been approved in Erie and Niagara counties and can be used in numerous other counties state wide.  Purchase the course to automatically create your account and earn your certificate today!

The instructors are dedicated to sharing their years of training and experience to help you become a safer and more responsible pistol owner. 

The Instructors that designed this Online Safety Certification Course took their years of experience in formal Law Enforcement Firearms training and combined it with their training received from the NRA and the Military to come up with a comprehensive class that will teach you the basics in handgun safety.

For more information visit: www.nypistolsafety.com 

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